Laurel-Snow Segment

Laurel-Snow Segment Overview


When completed, the Laurel-Snow Segment of the Cumberland Trail will travel along the eastern escarpment of the Cumberland Plateau, connecting the watersheds of many creeks and giving the hiker access to waterfalls in any season, as well as a fine show of spring wildflowers.


The segment will comprise four sections south to north: McGill Creek; Graysville Mountain; Laurel-Snow SNA; and Laurel-Snow Uplands (under development).


View from North Cranmore on the Graysville Segment

View from North Cranmore on the Graysville Segment (Stephens)


As of 2017, the McGill Creek Section is under construction. Also in 2017 the Graysville Mountain RMA Section is nearing completion. It is blazed and offers an in-and-out 18 mile hike (round trip) with several nice overlooks. Hikers are now calling it The Trail of A Thousand Overlooks.


The Laurel-Snow State Natural Area (SNA) Section contains Tennessee’s first National Recreational Trail and has long been a hiking destination.


None of the Laurel-Snow Uplands section has been constructed, and the route is yet to be determined.


Important Note on Laurel-Snow SNA Hours:
Laurel-Snow State Natural Area Hours: 8am – 7pm Eastern


Vehicles left in gated areas after sunset are subject to being towed or locked in. Overnight parking is allowed by permit at designated trail heads only.




Click on the links below to get detailed trail descriptions.

Laurel Snow Uplands Section – Under Development

Laurel-Snow SNA Section

Graysville Mountain RMA Section

McGill Creek Section – This section is still under construction as of February 2020. In and out from Roaring Creek trailhead to McGill Creek is available and blazed. One way is 2.6 miles. Trail enters and departs old logging roads at two points. Pay attention to blazes to avoid getting lost.