Grassy Cove Segment

Grassy Cove Segment


The Grassy Cove Segment consists of three Sections listed below. As of 2016 the trail is being extended north-east toward Ozone Falls and will become the northern terminus of the Grassy Cove Segment.  Black Mountain and Brady Mountain sections are linked by a trailhead on RT 68, Cumberland County, Tennessee.


Further work is underway in 2017 to link Head of the Sequatchie north to Brady Mountain.  The Brady Mountain Section will then run from HOS north to RT 68 and HOS will be the southern terminus of the Grassy Cove Segment. And the northern terminus of the Falls Segment which is in the planning and design stages..

Note: This entire segment is in Central Time Zone.


Ozone Falls Section

Black Mountain Section

Brady Mountain Section

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