New River Segment

The New River Segment Overview


The New River Segment enables hikers to visit some of the wildest, most remote, and least-visited terrain in Tennessee.


The Arch Mountain Section begins at the northeast corner of Frozen Head State Park, proceeds northward crossing the shoulder of Arch Mountain, then descends the Straight Fork watershed to reach its northern terminus near the confluence of Cave Branch and Smoky Creek.

The Lawson Mountain Section ascends the Cave Branch watershed and climbs a ridge to its headwaters, descends into the valley of Bowling Branch, ascends Lawson Mountain with its outstanding views, and finally descends the Lick Creek watershed to the New River.

The Anderson and Cross Mountains Section ascends from the river to two beautiful meadows atop Anderson Mountain, descends to Green’s Branch and the Montgomery Fork, then climbs to the highest elevation on the Cumberland Trail atop Cross Mountain before descending to the Bruce Gap Trailhead at Cove Lake State Park and the end of the segment.




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Arch Mountain Section

Lawson Mountain Section

Anderson and Cross Mountains Section





New River Segment Trail - Map courtesy of Don Deakins

New River Segment Trail – Map courtesy of Don Deakins