Crab Orchard Mountain Segment

Per 2016-2017 Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency (TWRA) Hunting Guide,
hiking is permitted on the CT through Catoosa Wildlife Management Area year-round. 


Crab Orchard Mountain Segment


Crab Orchard Mountain SEGMENT is divided onto two SECTIONS south to north:

Daddys Creek Section – 7.2 mile section from Hebbertsburg Road north to East Keyes Road.

Devil’s Breakfast Table SectionThe trail is 7.6 miles one way and travels much of the way on the bluff top above Daddys Creek.


NOTE:  Beyond the campsite, use caution. Blaze orange clothing is recommended in all seasons. However, blaze orange clothing is required during hunting season where the trail enters Keyes-Harrison Wildlife Management Area (WMA).


Fluorescent orange clothing must be worn by hikers during hunting season
and it is recommended that fluorescent clothing be worn at all times in the WMA.


Driving Directions to Parking

From East or West to Crab Orchard, TN:

From the I-40 Exit 329 interchange at Crab Orchard, head north, cross US Rt. 70 and the railroad track and turn left on Main Street for a short distance. Turn right on Hebbertsburg Road.  Drive 5.6 miles north on Hebbertsburg Road. After passing the Eden Ridge entrance on the right side of Hebbertsburg Road the next gravel road on the left is the trailhead where you will see a Yellow Gate.


Parking Lot Coordinates:  N35* 57″ 57.87″, W84* 50″01.66′
This entire section is in Central Time.


Note the Blue Gate:  On the north side of Long Rockhouse Branch where the CT crosses Hebbertsburg Road is a gravel road with a blue single bar gate.


This is an active gate and must be kept clear.


There is room for two or three cars on the edges of the gravel road but there MUST remain access to the gate. The owners thank you for this.


About the Crab Orchard Mountain Segment

The Crab Orchard Mountain Segment represents a challenge for linking Black Mountain to Devil’s Breakfast Table to the north.  In 2015/16 CTC surveyed and built 7.3 miles from Hebbertsburg Road, over De Lozier branch, along Long Rockhouse branch to Daddys Creek and then on to East Keyes Road.  In 2016/17 an additional 6+ miles was under construction north from Peavine Road near Antioch Bridge along the west side of Daddys Creek to Devil’s Breakfast Table.


Devil’s Breakfast Table is the southern end of The Obed Wild and Scenic River Segment, a 14 mile segment with the north end at Nemo Bridge and the confluence of the Obed and Emory Rivers.  The trail passes through the Catoosa Wildlife Management Area.


Daddy’s Creek Section Map