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Upcoming Volunteer Opportunities

Prep Work for Big Dig Underway

       Why wait until September 17th ?  Get back to trail building now !  Read the announcement below from our new trail manager, Mitch Wolfe:

Hello everyone,

We will be working Tuesdays through Thursdays, weather permitting, at our Hebbertsberg road work site for the weeks leading up to this Fall’s “Big Dig” program.  All are welcome to come out and volunteer to help build the Cumberland Trail.  We meet at 8 am, but if a later time works for you we will be happy to have you for any portion of the day.  Please contact us to let us know that you will be attending.

Bring gloves, water, sturdy shoes and food.  Tools and instruction provided !

Mitch Wolfe


Coming Soon !  Fall 2015  Big Dig in Cumberland County

Six weeks.

Seven miles to build.

September 17 to October 25 2015

Work days are Thursday to Sunday each week starting at 8 Am Central Time.

Trail Head parking is 3 miles up Hebbertsburg Road in Crab Orchard, Cumberland County.  Look for CTC road signs.  Overnight accommodations are available with advance notice.  Tools and instruction provided.

Bring work gloves, water, bug spray, hat, bandanna and food.  We will be working with State Park crews using a Skid-Steer as well as hand digging and rock work.  Fun for everyone !

Email for more information or call the office at (931)456-6259


  Cumberland Trail Conference Volunteer Opportunities
                              Volunteer Trail Crews
WagonMasters: WagonMasters, from throughout Tennessee and the South, guide and educate volunteers during trail building outings and programs teaching them the basic trail building skills while making for a production work day. During our annual Spring BreakAway program, WagonMasters lead groups of 10-12 student volunteers, who join us from throughout the county, providing training, guidance, oversight, and always safety. WagonMasters lead volunteer teams of all sizes…students, boy scouts, community groups, and corporate outings. CTC will provide trail training, leadership training, CPR & First Aid. Were you a previous WagonMaster? Love to build trail and lead? We are looking to train 8-15 WagonMasters during our fall 2015 trail training sessions and eventually have 15-25 to support our expanded programs in 2016.
Structured Team Volunteers: Listed below are our volunteer needs for various crews/teams that will work together to accomplish specific tasks related to trail building. Are you rock inclined, have carpentry skills, like to handle a machine, or just love to build trail…we have a team for you! All teams will receive extensive trail and safety training and will work under the guidance of our Trail Building and Program Coordinator and in cooperation and under the guidance of State Parks.
Trail Crew: Have a couple friends or a community group that would like to get out on the trail? Want to build some trail as a team? Trail Crew teams are tight-knit groups of 2-5 individuals who go out and build trail, working an assigned section of corridor, joining our daily trail crews, volunteer outings, and programs. We are looking for numerous trail teams to be located throughout the trail corridor.
Rock Crew: Like to puzzle? Have a good friend who regularly moves boulders in his yard for fun. Then you’re a Rocker…or a at least a good candidate to be one of our rock crews, a specialized team of 2-3 individuals that go and complete finish-rock work on the trail building projects.
Mechanized Crew: Comfortable with mechanized equipment? These teams, to be located in the south, central and northern corridor, will go into trail work locations and complete the initial mechanized trail work with our ditch witch.
Bridge Crew: Stringing cable bridges between the house and workshop in you spare time, have specialized carpentry and engineering background…this may interest you. We are looking for volunteers with special skills to form bridge teams that work under the guidance of our Trail Building and Program Coordinator and State Parks.
All volunteer positions require members to be in good health and condition. Keep in mind that we train and always think safety first.
Office Volunteers:
Already used up those knees…but still want to help? Do you like to interact with the public or have writing skills…then here are more volunteer opportunities. All positions will work under the guidance of our wonderful office staff.
Small Grant Writers: Enjoy writing? We need your help. Our office team is seeking volunteer grant writers to target small grants to help fund our programs and trail teams. We will have two computer work stations dedicated to this volunteer activity and all grant writers will work under the direction of our Trail Building and Program Coordinator. Thank you for helping us “build” our future.


Thanks For the Work !

Wednesday August 5

                           A repeat performance !  More brush clearing at the new                               Daddy’s Creek Trail-head !

           Last week volunteers cleared a half mile of overgrown road to provide access to the trail work area.  August 5th they did additional clearing from the top of the gorge down to Daddy’s Creek.

           Looking forward to Big Dig 2015. Sept. 17th – Oct. 25th



March and April 2016: Annual Spring BreakAway

      Base camp to be will be at Fort Bluff near Dayton, TN . We provide lodging, breakfast, lunch and dinner with the exception of Wednesday which is a day off for students, and staff. Volunteer for one day or twenty-seven days!  Volunteers are needed for Trail Construction/Maintenance, and Tool Maintenance as well.  Interested?  Please pre-register by emailing or call (931)456-6259 with the dates of your arrival and departure for planning purposes.

Colleges interest in participating can contact CTC with the above information. More BreakAway information here.

After September 2015, more details will be posted.

Thank you for your support!


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