October 17: Wildfire Closes Trail Here:

Wildfire events have temporarily closed the Cumberland Trailforestfire at two locations.  In Campbell County, the trail is closed between the Cove Creek Trailhead on Bruce Gap Road and Eagle Bluff until further notice.   In Hamilton County, the Flipper Bend Loop Trail and Clear Branch Loops are closed until further notice.   Bob Fulcher, Park Manager

The Eagle Bluff Section is currently the only maintained portion of the Cumberland Mountain Segment. Eagle Bluff offers spectacular views of the Powell River Valley to the south and the Cumberland Mountain range to the north.

Trail maintenance has not been performed on the Tennessee Valley Divide Section for some time. Expect blown-down trees, vegetation grown in, and places where trail markings are absent. The trail might be difficult to follow at times; other times, you’ll follow wide ATV routes. The final section in Cumberland Gap National Historical Park is well-maintained at first, but unless  there has been recent maintenance, the trail disappears into the forest after a couple of miles. Click on the link below to get detailed trail descriptions.

Eagle Bluff Section

Tennessee Valley Divide Section 1

Tennessee Valley Divide Section 2

If anyone can provide a map of the CT north of Tank Springs Trailhead to Cumberland Gap National Historic Park, please contact the CTC office.

Cumberland Mountain Segment map

Cumberland Mountain Segment = Map missing.

If someone can provide a map of this Segment, please contact the CTC Office.

Trail conditions for this segment.

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